EB-5 Visas & Investors in San Jose and San Francisco

EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 visa is actually an application directly for U.S. permanent residency as opposed to the temporary non-immigrant nature of the L-1, E-2, and H-1B visas herein discussed. This Green Card category is intended for individual investors who contribute capital either to their own business entity in the U.S. or into a USCIS approved regional investment center. The basic premise of this visa application is that you are furthering the economic interest of the U.S. by making a substantial investment. As this area is complex it is imperative to carefully consider the pros and cons of both EB-5 Green Card options. Attorney Hendrik Pretorius has successfully processed over fifty of these petitions for foreign national investors and is pleased to set up a time to discuss the process in detail. You may read more detail about EB-5 investor visas here