Publications, White Papers and Past Events for Lipson Pretorius

Lipson & Pretorius LLP is often invited to contribute to publications relevant to immigration law locally in San Francisco, San Jose, the Monterey Bay Area or global in scope. We also offer workshops on relevant immigration law. Here is a list of insightful immigration law publications, white papers and past events.

AC21 Protections for Transferring H-1B Employees

Part 2 of 3 part series on AC21 and I-140 portability issues

I-140 Portability: H-1B Termination/Transfer <180 Days Since I-485 Filing

Part 1 of 3 part series on AC21 and I-140 portability issues

USCIS Announces Limited Relief for H-4 Spouses

O-1 Visas: Non-immigrant Visa Option Presentation

Korean Entrepreneurs at KOTRA

Keeping your green card: 10 pointers for re-entry into the U.S.

Updated 2/2014

10 Tips for building an EB-1 case in light of Kazarian

THE VISA ANIMALS: New Security Clearances for Visa Processing at Consulates Abroad

Updated April 2013

Federal Tax Treatment of Foreign Nationals Working in the U.S.

Updated April 2013

U.S. International Social Security Agreements

Updated April 2013

L-1 Visa Presentation