O-1 Visas: Non-Immigrant Visa Option Presentation

Logo for CLAOn Wednesday, October 15, 2014, Hendrik Pretorius was invited by the California Lawyers for the Arts to present to a group of artists, arts entrepreneurs, lawyers at arts organizations, and art school representatives about various applicable immigration topics.

California Lawyers for the Arts is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization aimed at empowering the creative community by providing education, representation, and dispute resolution services to those individuals and organizations in the arts.

The arts communities are no less impacted by the current hurdles and lack of viable and real-world non-immigrant and immigrant visa options. Accordingly, Hendrik presented a survey of current non-immigrant visa options that are most applicable to persons in the arts, including those looking to work in the U.S. as arts professionals, performing artist, employees of arts organizations, or those looking to set up businesses with an arts focus.

The discussion touched upon the often-misunderstood B-1 business visitor visa and Visa Waiver Program, the ‘extraordinary ability’ O-1 visa, the ‘professional worker’ H-1B visa, and also the ‘treaty investor/entrepreneur’ focus of the E-2 visa, among others.

Lipson & Pretorius LLP wishes to thank California Lawyers for the Arts and Chief Learning Officer and Director, Robert G. Pimm for the opportunity to present to this great group.

To schedule a similar talk at your organization or to meet with Hendrik individually please do not hesitate to contact Lipson & Pretorius LLP.