Arts and Entertainment Industry Visas in San Francisco and San Jose

Those in the arts and entertainment industries as well as athletes have two main non-immigrant working  visa options available to them, depending on each individuals background, ability, and upcoming events in the U.S.

O Visa for Extraordinary Ability

The O visa can be used by individuals in various industries including but not limited to the arts and entertainment fields, business, and sports, who can show prior experience and standing in their field. The O-1 visa is intended for the primary individual who can prove their ability in a particular field. As part of this process, as discussed in greater detail in the articles found by clicking on the O Visa link above, requires a careful analysis of past work and standing in a field. Either an employer or an itinerary of events can be used to prove to the U.S. immigration services that you already have work lined up in the U.S. Contact Hendrik Pretorius today and begin formulating your O-1 visa strategy today. Hendrik has worked with many individuals to obtain their O visas in order to further their careers in the U.S. O-2 visas exist for supporting members of a particular O-1. Learn more detail about Extraordinary Ability O Visas here

P Visa for Athletes and Entertainers

The P visa is applicable to those participating as part of a musical group, as athletes, or as part of culturally unique events in the U.S. The P visa has somewhat more easily satisfied requirements than the O-1 visa but exists only for specific professions and upcoming engagements in the U.S. Additional information about Athletes and Entertainers P Visas can be found here